The Advocare Wellness Product Line

Nutrition for a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Finding balance is a challenge, as everone has unique needs. It is through our Wellness line that you will find sound solutions for core nutrition, stress, mental capacity, digestive support and a variety of other important factors that are important to your personal wellness needs.

The Advocare Wellness Product Line


AdvoCare BioTools

Advocare Bio Tools

AdvoCare BioTools™ supplements are designed to address our understanding of epigenomics and are formulated with ingredients considered to support this emerging science.





AdvoCare Oasis

Advocare Oasis

This global solution for a stressful environment helps bring balance back to your life through adaptogens, berry extracts and B vitamins. In a convenient stick pack, Oasis is easy to take on the go and can be combined with other AdvoCare products.





AdvoCare CitriZinc

Advocare CitriZinc

CitriZinc™ is an easy-to-take chew with the delicious flavor of lemon and lime. CitriZinc supports immunity by providing three important nutrients most of us aren’t getting adequate amounts of in our daily diet: vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D.





AdvoCare Nice Ice

Advocare Nice Ice

AdvoCare® Nice Ice™ allows you to have more control in creating a positive first impression. Be remembered for your leadership qualities, not your bad breath. Leaving your mouth refreshed with its Icy Mint flavor, Nice Ice can help you feel more confident and approachable.





Advocare Amplify A.T.

Amplify AT

In formulating Amplify A.T., AdvoCare has incorporated the highest purity astaxanthin obtained from Haematococcus pluvialis and produced by using a proprietary, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade technology. This system utilizes a fully enclosed proprietary photobioreactor system to grow, harvest and dry the microalgae under carefully controlled hygienic conditions to ensure contamination control, purity and yield improvement in an environmentally friendly, tightly controlled, consistent process.





Advocare Bio RQ

Bio RQ

Bio-RQ is formulated with four widely recognized and vastly beneficial ingredients that are common in the Mediterranean diet. These ingredients, known as phytonutrients since they come from plants, have a synergistic effect on overall wellness and healthy aging.*





Advocare BioTune


Ingredient research has shown that nutrients in BioTune® are able to help restore the use of genetic resources.* They do not change the DNA code – we inherit that code from our parents. But how we use that code has a large bearing on our health.





Advocare Calcium Plus

Calcium Plus

An incredibly effective way to ensure you receive enough calcium so your bones and teeth stay strong and healthy.* Calcium Plus delivers two types of highly absorbable calcium, combined with other minerals, vitamins and botanicals. Giving your body the proper nutrition for strong bones and teeth is your first defense against osteoporosis





Advocare C Grams

C Grams

C-Grams supplement is an excellent source of vitamin C that contributes to your journey toward optimal health.* Each serving of C-Grams supplement contains 1,000 mg of high-potency vitamin C that is easily digested and nutritionally effective. There are several different types of vitamin C.





Advocare Clear Mood

Clear Mood

Clear Mood supplement facilitates brain and nerve cell function by providing important neurotransmitters that help lower the effects of stress, nervousness and worry.* One such agent, known as 5-HTP, is vital for the production of serotonin necessary for the brain and nervous system.





Advocare CorePlex


CorePlex supplement provides a synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicals to help supply the body with the nutritional components it needs to maintain optimal health.* Each ingredient in the CorePlex formula helps supplement an individual’s diet and provides the nutritional balance often lacking in the daily diet.





Advocare CorePlex with Iron

CorePlex with Iron

CorePlex with Iron supplement combines the popular AdvoCare vitamin and mineral supplement with 18 mg of iron to provide a complete package for anyone looking for core nutrition and proper iron supplementation.* Each ingredient in the formula helps supplement an individual’s diet.





Advocare Cran500


Cran500™ is packed with 500mg of cranberry extract per serving. The cranberry extract comes in the form of Pacran®, which has been shown to help support a healthy urinary tract.* Made from the whole cranberry, Pacran® is a patent-protected proprietary cranberry product.





Advocare Digest Ease

Digest Ease

Digest-Ease supplement can facilitate digestion and absorption to help you get maximum benefit from your daily diet.* The herbal ingredients and digestive enzymes help support digestion throughout the gastrointestinal tract by calming your stomach and supporting the delicate cell lining of the lower intestines.*





Advocare Fiber Drink

Fiber Drink

Fiber Drink is rich in the fibers your body needs to work at its best.* Each serving provides 10 grams of dietary fiber, helping you reach your goal of 25 grams each day. Furthermore, each serving provides six grams of soluble fiber and four grams of insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs water in your stomach and intestines.





Advocare Formula W

Formula W

Formula W is a revolutionary formula that appeals to a broad range of needs for women.* Whether you’re trying to cope with one of many menopausal symptoms or just looking for a little balance in your life, Formula W fits a wide range of benefits that promote overall health and well-being.*





Advocare Herbal Cleanse

Herbal Cleanse

The AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse system can help rid your body of toxins and waste with its unique blend of herbal ingredients.* Using a systematic approach, this 10-day system guides you day by day through the steps for thorough internal cleansing and improved digestion.*





Advocare ImmunoGuard


ImmunoGuard provides comprehensive immune balance by supporting the immune system with a powerful combination of vitamins, antioxidants, mushrooms and yeast extracts, including an excellent new ingredient called EpiCor.





Advocare IntelleQ


IntelleQ supplement provides nutrients, herbs and botanicals to facilitate mental focus, mood and feelings of energy and well-being.* The comprehensive blend of these ingredients helps support improved mental alertness and health.* By influencing the production of acetylcholine in the body, the nutrients in IntelleQ supplement may influence subtle processes such as cognition,





Advocare Joint ProMotion

Joint ProMotion

Joint ProMotion supplement is a powerfully unique product that helps lubricate and protect the joints.* Glucosamine, an amino sugar, plays a vital role in the formation and repair of cartilage.* The presence of glucosamine supports the cells that produce proteoglycans, which in turn help produce cartilage.*





Advocare OmegaPlex


OmegaPlex omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement is a safe, convenient and easy way to get the omega-3 fatty acids that may be missing in your diet. While other omega-3 supplements may have only EPA or DHA, OmegaPlex has both of these important omega-3s in the right proportions for maximum benefit.*





Advocare ProBiotic Restore ULTRA

ProBiotic Restore ULTRA

Various micro-organisms, among them beneficial bacteria, have evolved and adapted to live in a balanced, mutually beneficial way within most regions of our bodies, including our skin and gastro-intestinal tract. Most of the time we are not aware of the presence of bacteria in our systems and they live and grow within their well-adapted ecological niche within our bodies.





Advocare Prostate Support

Prostate Support

Prostate Support supplement provides botanicals, lycopene, vitamin D, and the micronutrients zinc and selenium, to aid the functional activity of the prostate gland and support urinary system function.* Prostate Support provides multifaceted support for maintaining the prostate by thwarting oxidative stress and enhancing the antioxidant activity that affects prostate health.*





Advocare Purple Champs

Purple Champs

DHA is required in high levels in the brain and retina as a physiologically-essential nutrient to provide for optimal neural functioning (learning ability, mental development) and visual acuity, in young and old alike. Some studies have demonstrated that DHA is important in the brain for regulating attention and controlling behavior, and that concentration levels can be increased by providing a supplement of DHA.





Advocare SleepWorks


SleepWorks helps produce sound and restful sleep on occasional sleepless nights to help you awaken refreshed* with some key ingredients:





Advocare V100 Tropical Chews

V100 Tropical Chews

V100™ Tropical Chew provides a synergistic combination of vitamins and minerals to help supply the body with the nutritional components it needs to maintain optimal health.* With 100 percent of the daily values for 16 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, V100 Tropical Chew is a safe bet for a balanced nutritional supplement.





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