ProBiotic Restore ULTRA

Dietary Probiotic Supplement

ProBiotic Restore ULTRA Key Benefits:

  • Helps maintain normal beneficial intestinal microflora*
  • Supports healthy intestinal function*
  • Enhances weight management*
  • Improves nutrient absorption*
  • Aids in good digestion*
  • Provides immune system support*
  • Helps relieve symptoms of occasional constipation*
  • High amounts of friendly probiotics, including:
    • Seven different strains (compared to two in the previous ProBiotic Restore)
    • Six Billion cfu (compared to two billion in the previous ProBiotic Restore)


  • Someone who wants to improve your nutrient absorption
  • Someone who wants a healthy, active immune system
  • Someone desiring better intestinal health and digestion
  • Someone who needs relief from occasional constipation

Current diet trends show that the increased consumption of convenience foods with an overabundance of the wrong kind of fats, refined Advocare ProBiotic Restore ULTRAsugar and little or no fiber have presented new and disturbing health issues. In addition to concerns normally associated with our diet (e.g., calories, carbohydrates, fats), harmful bacteria and byproducts ingested from poorly prepared foods and other sources can produce toxins. Such challenges occur more often than most of us would like to think, but the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” approach does not deter the effects our bodies experience. Furthermore, the over prescription of antibiotics is actually leading to antibiotic-resistant microorganisms and potentially untreatable infections for some people. Without a counteraction to offset the effects of these bacteria and toxins, our body is left to defend itself regularly with little support.

Those challenges can also decrease the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, disturbing the delicate balance of microorganisms and allowing an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. This imbalance is taxing on our immune system, which is already under daily assault from environmental factors, physical and emotional stress, inadequate rest and poor nutrition. Additionally, because the average person is already missing the mark when it comes to consuming adequate dietary fiber, drinking enough water and exercising regularly, the body has increased difficulty in ridding itself of harmful agents as waste products. Our body must maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria to work at its best. When this balance is disturbed, it affects our immune systems, intestinal health, weight management and more.

THE SOLUTION: ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA
Various micro-organisms, among them beneficial bacteria, have evolved and adapted to live in a balanced, mutually beneficial way within most regions of our bodies, including our skin and gastro-intestinal tract. Most of the time we are not aware of the presence of bacteria in our systems and they live and grow within their well-adapted ecological niche within our bodies. But when one part of this delicately balanced system is absent or another multiplies to excessive levels our health and wellness can be adversely affected. That’s where the inclusion of supplemental “good” bacteria (known as probiotics) in our daily diets can aid in supporting the status quo of our healthy bacterial balance. The term probiotics has come to be accepted as the study and therapeutic use of various beneficial bacteria for health purposes for humans and animals. ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA supplement has been carefully formulated to contain seven kinds of beneficial microorganisms, along with accompanying probiotic food known as FOS. This combination of probiotics in effective levels , specifically selected to help populate the upper and lower intestine, strongly support your body’s overall health by helping maintain the normal, healthy bacteria your body needs.* Listed below are the key areas of benefit that ProBiotic Restore provides:

Aids in healthy intestinal function and digestion.* As the ingredients in ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA help rebuild your body’s natural balance and wellness, you’ll benefit from added intestinal function and stability, leading to more productive bowel movements and improved digestion.* It also helps relieve symptoms of occasional constipation.* Furthermore, digestion becomes less inhibited, and the nutrients you consume through food and other AdvoCare products will be absorbed more efficiently.* Provides immune system support.* When it comes to optimal health, you must make every effort to keep your immune system in top shape. ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA supports your immune system by helping it rid the body of harmful toxins and therefore decreasing the constant workload and threat to your immune system these agents present.*

Supports better weight management.* ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA is a key component in a successful weight-management system.* Many times when you start losing the bacteria and toxins that your body doesn’t need, you also start losing weight as a result. ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA supports better weight management by aiding in normal elimination and optimizing nutrient absorption.* In addition, probiotics support antioxidant activity, participate in the synthesis of selected vitamins, and support epithelial cell health.* ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA is also an essential component of all three Metabolic Nutrition Systems and our Herbal Cleanse Metabolic Cleansing System.

Directions For Use:
For ages 12 and older.
Take one capsule with water on an empty stomach, 30 minutes or more before a meal, one to two times per day. For greater effect, increase serving size to two capsules.

If you are pregnant or nursing, check with your healthcare professional before using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

Key Ingredients:
Probiotic Culture: Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactococcus lactis ssp. Lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. Bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, fructooligosaccharides.

Probiotic Culture formulated by Nicar Laboratories, Inc.


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