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Mya I have just completed the 24-day challenge for the first and last time. I will not do it again because it was very expensive and I do not believe that all the supplements were nearly as effective as the diet changes and exercising. I changed my diet drastically for this program and worked out 7x/week for an hour each time. I lost about 15 pounds on the 24-day challenge.

The reason I am giving the product 4 stars, in spite of my doubts about the value of the supplements, is because it motivated me to change my habits. Even if it was just because I had paid for it and felt like I had to stick to it, so what? Some people can change their own habits; I couldn’t. Having everything planned out for me and knowing that I was getting everything my body needed made it easier to deal with.

The first few days were hard, and then it started getting easier. My cravings for junk food vanished and fruit became incredibly delicious. I was not hungry, nor did I have headaches or any other unpleasant side effects. By the end of the program, I was used to eating clean and could not believe how much crap I ate before. Now healthy eating is second nature and junk food is rare. I feel great and look great. Like I said, even if I could have gotten the same results with diet and exercise alone, I couldn’t do it for myself. This program was the springboard, so I’m glad I did it and I would recommend it to anyone who was finding it difficult to change their diet.

Seth I very rarely give something my stamp of approval, let alone recommend it proactively, but 24 Day Challenge changed my life more than I could imagine. I did this a couple of years ago while still in college. My girlfriend was a rep at the time and she did the 24 day challenge annually, so I decided to try it too on a whim. I am 6’1″, and was 226 lbs at the time. It helped out a lot doing it with someone because I had to change my eating habits dramatically and became very cranky, but it gets a lot easier. The nutrition part is CRUCIAL, so clear out your cupboards, get the list of acceptable foods from the info packet from your rep, and use it as your grocery list. The eating schedule is pretty detailed so that helps a lot, just pack your meals and supplements for the next day the night before. Anyways, I worked out daily prior to the challenge but pretty much only lifted weights. When I started the challenge, I all but stopped that and switched to about 45 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of abs, and 5 minutes of lifting each day. I really recommend getting a good heart rate monitor, like a polar watch. It makes working out much more interesting and you know when you’re slacking off based on your heart rate. After 24 days, I was down 17 lbs and it was noticeable. But what’s really amazing is the momentum that it creates. The healthy habits you’ve created don’t go away, and in fact I even started working out harder and eating better for months afterward. After 9 months, I had lost 45 lbs and have kept it off since then. I used to get tired every afternoon, and now I have sustained energy and feel like a million bucks for 18 waking hours each day, even without caffeine. The whole ordeal gave me motivation and confidence most people only dream of. Seriously, if you want to change your life, do the 24 Day challenge. $180 is not that much for how much it can potentially do for you if you’re willing to put the effort in, I don’t care who you are.

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