Joint ProMotion

Supplement for General Joint Health*

Joint ProMotion Key Benefits:

  • Helps lubricate and protect joints*
  • Supports joint health*
  • Contributes to mobility and flexibility*
  • Aids in relieving occasional pain after exercise*
  • Contains glucosamine, MSM and other nutrients


  • Someone with stiff or aching joints
  • Someone who wants to improve your joint health
  • Someone who wants to help prevent or reduce age-related joint problems
  • Someone who needs help recovering from strenuous activity and exercise

As we grow older, it’s common to rate our days based on how our body feels when we wake up in the morning. When our joints are healthy, Advocare Joint ProMotionlife is good. Our movement is fluid and smooth, and our limbs move freely and easily. However, when movement isn’t so easy, and soreness and stiffness set in, the simplest daily activities can become painful and difficult. Our bones and joints areĀ  cushioned by cartilage and joint fluids, allowing bone surfaces to glide smoothly, and tissues such as muscle and tendons to work together with relative ease. Cartilage is constantly broken down and rebuilt. The rebuilding is supported by synovial fluids, which contain the building blocks of new cartilage. With age, cartilage production can slow, allowing a breakdown in cartilage at a faster rate than it can be rebuilt, hence the root problem of much soreness and pain. Adequate rest, a balanced diet, exercise, stress reduction, maintaining a healthy weight, and supplementation are all essential to supporting healthy joints.

THE SOLUTION: Joint ProMotionā„¢
Joint ProMotion supplement is a powerfully unique product that helps lubricate and protect the joints.* Glucosamine, an amino sugar, plays a vital role in the formation and repair of cartilage.* The presence of glucosamine supports the cells that produce proteoglycans, which in turn help produce cartilage.* Unfortunately, the body does not continually produce glucosamine, and there are no food sources containing it. The amount and quality of glucosamine found in Joint ProMotion make it a very beneficial product for men and women of all ages.*

Joint ProMotion contains many other ingredients that make it a superior choice for supporting joint health.* MSM is a sulfur-containing compound that occurs naturally in a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and animals, as well as humans. It’s important to joint health because provides support for the immune system and aids in sulfur metabolism, particularly in connective tissue.* Joint ProMotion also contains a broad spectrum of nutrients to help support bone and joint health while contributing to mobility and flexibility.* Collectively, these nutrients all make Joint ProMotion a superior choice in enhancing your joint health and aiding in the relief of occasional pain after exercise.*

Directions For Use:
Ages 12 and older.
Take three capsules up to twice a day with a meal.

If you are allergic to shellfish, please check with your healthcare professional before using this product.

If you are pregnant or nursing, check with your healthcare professional before using this product.

Key Ingredients:
Glucosamine (as HCl), gotu kola, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), manganese, white willow extract

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