Multinutrient Herbal Supplement

IntelleQ Key Benefits:

  • Supports mental focus and alertness*
  • Supports healthy brain and nervous system function and performance*
  • Supplies nutrients for effective cellular energy production*
  • Enhances immune function*


  • Someone who wants to improve mental performance and outlook
  • Someone who needs help supporting mental focus and alertness

Vibrant health depends not only on good diet and exercise but also on optimal subjective functions such as mental focus and alertness. AboutAdvocare IntelleQ half of human genes are programmed to produce chemical transmitters and other neural compounds. This fact highlights the importance of a healthy nervous system. Dietary factors and nutrients profoundly influence the functions of the brain and the nervous system, and therefore also influence metabolism, mood, appetite, energy production, cognition, performance and health. Biochemicals in the brain and nervous system can impact mood and support mental focus and alertness. The brain produces important substances such as hormones and neuropeptides that influence our functioning. These biochemicals, collectively known as neurotransmitters, help enable nerve cells (neurons) to transmit messages or electrical impulses to other nerve cells as well as other types of cells. The transmission of nerve messages is a fundamental feature of brain cell function and nervous system physiology.

IntelleQ supplement provides nutrients, herbs and botanicals to facilitate mental focus, mood and feelings of energy and well-being.* The comprehensive blend of these ingredients helps support improved mental alertness and health.* By influencing the production of acetylcholine in the body, the nutrients in IntelleQ supplement may influence subtle processes such as cognition, memory, mental focus, acuity and alertness, which are of vital importance to our overall health and quality of life.* Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter vital for brain and mental functions. Important brain circuits involved in memory, cognition and other functional and behavioral effects appear to depend on this neurotransmitter. It plays a role in facilitating blood flow by inducing dilation of the blood vessels. Acetylcholine also seems to be a key for mental focus and for maintaining a sense of calmness. Particular nutrients such as choline, vitamin C and cellular constituents such as the phospholipids can influence nerve cell membrane’s function.*

Other ingredients such as gingko biloba and gotu kola, as well as phospholipids all play a role in promoting memory, cognitive function and mental well-being.* Because of its advanced formulation, IntelleQ supplement aids in improving your mental abilities and focus while furnishing bioactive components that support cell function.*

Directions For Use:
For ages 12 and older.
Take two capsules per day with a meal, preferably early in the day.

This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing women.


Key Ingredients:
Phospholipids, choline, vitamin C, taurine, bacopa extract, ginkgo biloba

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