Digest Ease

Herbal Supplement with Digestive Enzymes

Digest Ease Key Benefits:

  • Supports healthy digestion and intestinal function*
  • Helps relieve occasional heartburn*
  • Enhances absorption of nutrients*
  • Helps relieve occasional stomachache, acid indigestion and gas*
  • Helps maintain benefits of other AdvoCare products


  • Someone seeking relief from occasional heartburn, acid indigestion or gas
  • Someone who suffers from an occasional upset stomach
  • Someone who wants to improve intestinal function and digestion
  • Someone who wants to “amplify” the absorption of nutrients from your diet and other AdvoCare products

Whether it is due to our age, the foods we choose to eat or just a genetic pre-disposition, sometimes our digestion and absorption isn’t what itAdvocare Digest Ease could or should be. We may suffer from occasional heartburn, acid indigestion or gas, and occasionally experience an upset stomach that doesn’t seem to have a cause. When digestion and absorption of the food and nutrients we eat are impaired, we don’t feel as good as we could. With optimal digestion and absorption we start to feel better, our skin tone improves, and we are able to start making healthy lifestyle choices. Improved digestion positively affects how well we receive the benefits that are provided by a healthy diet and nutritional supplementation. Our overall health and well-being are directly linked to our ability to absorb the nutrients that provide optimal health. Improving digestion of the foods you eat should be one of your highest priorities.

THE SOLUTION: Digest-Ease™
Digest-Ease supplement can facilitate digestion and absorption to help you get maximum benefit from your daily diet.* The herbal ingredients and digestive enzymes help support digestion throughout the gastrointestinal tract by calming your stomach and supporting the delicate cell lining of the lower intestines.* Digest-Ease supplement covers a broad area instead of concentrating on one aspect of digestion.* This fact truly differentiates it from almost every other digestion product on the market.*

The ginger extract in Digest-Ease supplement may help calm your stomach and ease occasional stomach aches.* The boswellia and turmeric extracts contain powerful antioxidants that help fight damaging free radicals in the intestines.* Turmeric extract contains curcumin, which also stimulates bile acid production by the liver, helping with the digestion of food and allowing better absorption in the small intestine.* Also included in Digest-Ease supplement are the digestive enzymes papain and bromelain, which assist in the breakdown of proteins to facilitate better absorption.* The whole formula is enhanced by the natural papaya fruit base which helps support the health of the entire gastrointestinal tract.*

With improved digestion, more nutrients are absorbed from the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, and the supplements we take.* Increased nutrient intake helps people eat less food and make healthier food choices. This improved absorption also helps enhance the effects that come from AdvoCare products.* These benefits make Digest-Ease an important part of your weight-management and wellness programs.*

Directions For Use:
For ages 12 and older.
Take one capsule immediately before a meal.

If you are pregnant or nursing, check with your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.

Key Ingredients:
Ginger extract, boswellia extract, turmeric extract, whole papaya powder, papain, bromelain


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