Carb Ease Plus

Helps inhibit the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates*

Carb Ease Plus Key Benefits:

  • Helps reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates and fats*
  • Helps support healthy blood glucose *
  • Helps reduce the negative effects of excessive carbohydrate consumption*
  • Provides support for body composition*
  • Backed by more than 21 published scientific studies


  • Someone who has trouble resisting sugary, starchy foods and refined carbohydrates such as sweets, pastas and breads
  • Someone looking to control the results of a high-carbohydrate diet
  • Someone looking for better weight management
  • Someone concerned with maintaining glucose levels already within the normal range

During the last few years, there have been many opinions on the role of carbohydrates in overall nutrition. While many trends promotingAdvocare Carb Ease Plus low-carbohydrate consumption have come and gone, the simple fact is that carbohydrates are the body’s primary resource for energy. The most common problem with carbohydrates occurs when we consume more carbohydrates than our body requires. At this point, carbohydrates are either stored as glycogen or converted into fat for storage. Moreover, the body is also less likely to burn existing body fat because it has found all the energy it needs to burn in the excess carbohydrates consumed. Therefore, maintaining a healthy balance of carbohydrates is key for health: Too few rob the body of energy, and too many lead to weight-management challenges.

Complex carbohydrates, like whole wheat pasta and bread, are good for the body and help provide a steady source of energy. However, excess carbohydrates pose another risky possibility. Refined carbohydrates generally have a high glycemic index (GI) value, which stimulates insulin release. In time, a chronically high insulin output in combination with lifestyle factors such as overeating and physical inactivity may lead to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and eventually adult-onset type II diabetes in some people. According to the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 47 million Americans have metabolic syndrome. These numbers represent an approximate 61 percent increase during the last decade.

Because today’s typical meal is loaded with carbohydrates (pasta, bread, sweets, etc.), even the healthiest eater has difficulty dodging consumption of excess refined carbohydrates. Is there a way to limit the damaging effects of too many carbohydrates?

THE SOLUTION: Carb-Ease® Plus
Through three main ingredients, Carb-Ease Plus supplement is a remarkable full-spectrum weight-management product that helps support weight management and body composition and also prevents the breakdown of carbohydrates by inhibiting the digestive enzymes used to break them down.* The body must break down starches and other complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) into smaller, more usable forms (monosaccharides). Once broken down, the simple glucose molecules can then be transported across the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. Carb-Ease Plus contains ingredients that help inhibit the breakdown of fats and selected carbohydrate molecules so that the body is less likely to absorb them.* It also helps maintain weight and healthy blood glucose levels by reducing the negative effects of excessive carbohydrate consumption.*


Phase 2®
This natural extract of white kidney bean helps delay the digestion and absorption of starchy carbohydrates without affecting the digestion of healthy carbohydrates such as fruit and whole grains. Studies show Phase 2 inhibits the activity of the digestive enzyme, alpha amylase, and allows a portion of ingested carbohydrates to pass through the digestive system without being broken down into a form the body can readily utilize.* This process may help reduce the caloric impact of ingested carbohydrate foods.*

A brown seaweed extract rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, ID-alG helps reduce the absorption of fat, inhibiting lipase and amylase, which are digestive enzymes.* By reducing the body’s fat and carbohydrate assimilations, it may help control caloric intake and reduce fat storage.* Clinical research indicates weight loss primarily as fat loss with contouring body benefits.*

Svetol is a non-roasted extract of select decaffeinated green coffee beans which contains a high level and specific ratio of more than twelve cholorgenic acids. These acids help regulate glucose metabolism and support the body’s breakdown of fat reserves for energy.*

Directions For Use:
For ages 12 and older.
Take two capsules immediately before your largest starch-containing meal. Do not use between meals or on an empty stomach.

This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing women.

In case of accidental overdose, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately.

Key Ingredients:
Phase 2®, ID-alG™, Svetol™


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