Advocare AdvoBar Raw

Simple Nutrition With Wholesome Ingredients

Advocare AdvoBar Raw Key Benefits:

  • Convenient on-the-go snack
  • Contains 5 grams of fiber
  • Contains 5 grams of protein
  • Nutritional bar with just 210 calories
  • Simple fruit and nut blend
  • Vegetarian suitable
  • No cholesterol


  • Someone who desires whole foods, clean foods, or minimally processed foods
  • Someone searching for a simple on-the-go option
  • Someone looking for a bar containing a variety of plant proteins

With today’s busy lifestyles on-the-go healthy, yet tasty, options are in high demand. Many people are searching for a minimally processed Advocare AdvoBar Rawbar that provides protein and rich amounts of fiber.

THE SOLUTION: Advocare AdvoBar Raw
Advocare AdvoBar Raw is a fruit and nut blend that is made from simple, wholesome ingredients.

This simple nutritional bar provides a variety of proteins such as hemp powder and brown rice protein. Hemp powder, containing all eight essential amino acids, is a great source of plant protein. Brown rice protein is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Nutritious Seeds
Advocare AdvoBar Raw is composed of three nutritious seeds—chia, hemp and flax. All of these are rich in fiber, and all of these provide protein and monounsaturated fat.

Advocare AdvoBar Raw includes nuts—walnuts, pecans and peanuts—which contain primarily monounsaturated fats.

Sweeteners and Additional Nutrition
AdvoBar® Raw is sweetened by agave syrup and dates. Flavored simply with fruits and nuts, AdvoBar® Raw also contains apple pieces and oats which are high in fiber to help ensure a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

Directions For Use:
For ages 4 and older.

Key Ingredients:
Chia seed, hemp seed, flax seed, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, apples, oats, agave syrup, dates, hemp powder and brown rice protein.

Contains lightly-toasted nuts.